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  • Medicare for All - SUPPORT
  • Green New Deal - SUPPORT
  • Net Neutrality - SUPPORT
  • End Corporate Campaign $ - SUPPORT
  • Immigrant Reform Now - SUPPORT
  • Right to Marry for All Families - SUPPORT
  • End War, Invest in Peace - SUPPORT
  • Legalize, Regulate & Tax Marijuana - SUPPORT
  • Fair Taxes for Corporations and Ultra-Rich - SUPPORT
  • Regulate Wall Street to Help Main Street - SUPPORT
  • Prosecute Financial Fraud & Torture - SUPPORT
  • A Woman's Right to Choose - SUPPORT

With Gratitude

Save the Date:
Join us July 1 for a wrap up party! Details to follow.

With only the late absentee ballots to count, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Assemblymember Huffman for his victory in Tuesday’s primary and wish the other contenders for the top two good luck in the final tally. All of the candidates in this race had a source of passion they drew from on this journey. It was a pleasure to share this experience with them.

While financial constraints had an effect on our final results, the whole process of running for this Congressional seat is unlike any experience I’ve had. It’s been a joy to travel up and down this beautiful district, meeting so many wonderful folks, discussing the issues that are defining the future of our country.

I am so grateful to my friends and family for their encouragement and patience as I sought new depths of resilience and drive. I am deeply grateful to my husband Jaimey, for his expertise in time management and willingness to help me frame my ideas and put them into context.

We ran a positive campaign to be proud of, focused on the issues and on my commitment to families, women, our seniors, and the environment. Our outreach over the past few months was possible with your words of support, your volunteer efforts, your contributions, and your sharing of our message.

But we can’t stop working to meet the needs of our communities. I was right back to work the day after the primary, attending a regional planning meeting focused on securing funding for energy efficiency programs and resources for rural communities.

I hope you’ll stand with me as I continue to work on behalf of our communities, and I’m asking for your help today. The campaign carries some debt that I’m hoping you can help me retire quickly with a contribution today.

I am grateful to continue serving this beautiful nation in whatever capacity I am needed and hope you’ll make the journey with me. My sincere thanks to you.

In gratitude,